2020 Dodge Barracuda Latest Concept

AutoCarTrend.Com – The revival from the famous Barracuda nameplate has been anticipated for a while. Originally sold beneath the Plymouth company, this fastback coupe was constructed from 1964 to 1974 design yrs. This time around about, the legendary Barracuda will probably be built by Dodge and most probably launched to the 2020 design calendar year.

As a matter of simple fact, the 2020 Dodge Barracuda will be a smaller, convertible car version from the new Challenger muscles car. With the remodeled Charger along with the new Challenger sedans, as well as Fiat-Chrysler, the company aims to give the Barracuda in a better effort to raise up the sales. Needless to say, we expect this product to give back some of the American car backgrounds in a whole new package.

2020 Dodge Barracuda Design Changes

2020 Dodge Barracuda Release Date

As outlined by current reviews, the open best Barracuda will probably be 7/8ths the dimensions of the Challenger. To put it differently, it really is likely to be noticeably less heavy than its larger sized brother. When it comes to the design, the model may benefit from Alfa Romeo’s modular back end-tire generate a program that underpins the Giulia. While expressing a similar platform with all the impending Challenger, the Barracuda will put on its own page metallic. As a result of lessened volume, we assume it to be nimbler and simpler to handle compared to the Charger and Challenger. Thus far, minimal has surfaced about the Barracuda’s exterior and interior styling nevertheless the product is undoubtedly supposed to feature a sophisticated and well-known condition similar to Dodge’s design vision. When it comes to the interior, this convertible car product needs to feature a special design and the company’s most advanced engineering alternatives.

Engine Specs

2020 Dodge Barracuda Engine

Mechanically, the Dodge Barracuda 2020 will be much like the upcoming technology Challenger. This means we must anticipate latest V6 along with V8 engines less than its hood. Ever since the naturally aspirated 6.4-liter and also the particular Hellcat V8 engine are said to have axed after 2019, it really is speculated that Dodge plans to change all of them with a two-turbocharged powertrain able to produce around 600 hp. Some places even speculate about turbocharged several cylinders to sign up for the Barracuda’s engine collection. Whatever the case, the American car maker will place a lot of work in making its new versions meet up with strict CAFE rules within the really foreseeable future.

2020 Barracuda Release Date

2020 Dodge Barracuda Concept

According to unofficial records, the 2020 Dodge Barracuda may make its very first public look at the end of 2017.

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